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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.   The Macros don't work!

A.   The security level in Microsoft Excel is set too high. 

Solution: Go to "Tools", "Macros", "Security", and select "Medium".  Click OK to save and then reopen the Landlord's Cash Flow Analyzer.  Always select "Enable Macros" when using the spreadsheet.


Q.  Can I modify the spreadsheet?

A.  Absolutely!  Modify and adjust as you grow and your needs change.


Q. When I attempt to modify the spreadsheet, Excel gives me an error stating that the cell is "protected".  How can I fix this?

A. In Excel, select "Tools", "Protection", then "Unprotect Sheet"

Q. There is no place to enter a down payment.  Where do I enter that information?

A.  The Analyzer infers the amount of your down payment. When you enter the amount you paid for the property, e.g. $100,000, and also the amount borrowed, e.g. $75,000, the calculations that compute cash flow, rate of return, property sale, etc. assume a $25,000 down payment. ($100,000-$75,000).



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