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Landlord's Cash Flow Analyzer

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Try Landlordís Cash Flow Analyzer ô
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A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

User-Friendly Software Designed to Determine
Rental  Cash FlowRate-of-ReturnProfitability,  and  More!


"Why spend hundreds of dollars for a complicated software program? Make smarter real estate investment decisions by calculating your rental property's cash flow quickly and accurately... at a reasonable price!   Guaranteed!"

Douglas Rutherford, CPA
Founder & CEO


Hesitating on Buying that Rental Property?

Then your answer is the
Landlord's Cash Flow Analyzer!
The Real Estate Return on Investment Calculator Software

 Do All This Quickly and Easily!!

Commercial and Residential Analysis

Single Family Rental Apartments Buildings Condos
Office Buildings Warehouses Industrial Properties

10 & 20-Year
Cash Flow, Profitability, and Real Estate
Return on Investment Calculator

Adjust Rental Income & Expense Annually for Inflation
Income Tax, Depreciation Computed - w/ The Passive Loss Rules Sale of Property Analysis - Selling Expenses, Adjusted Tax Basis, Gain or Loss
Debt Pay-off Calculated Cumulative Cash Generated Calculated Amortize up to 3 Mortgages & Loan Points
Future Value of Property Determined Financial Ratios: IRR, Cash on Cash, Debt Coverage Ratio Add Future Capital Improvements

Print Presentational-Quality Reports

Modify the Spreadsheet as Your Needs Change

Find Answers to These Questions:

How much rent should I charge to make a profit?

When is the best year to sell my property?

How will a particular capital improvement affect by profitability?

How much will refinancing save me?

What is my cash outflow flow if I receive no rental income?

What is the maximum you should pay for a rental property and maintain your return requirements?

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The hours that this will save using this real estate return on investment software will pay for the cost of this softwareGuaranteed!   

Start making better
real estate investment
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