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Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing, the Landlord's Cash Flow Analyzer software is an affordable and easy to use cash flow software tool that helps you choose the right real estate investment properties.  It is designed to help you know if you should buy, sell, or if you should just keep looking.

Determine how much rent to charge.  Simply enter the market rental rate or your estimate and quickly determine if your expenses will be covered.  Easily increase or decrease the rent amount to see the effects on the bottom line.
Analyze up to 30 units.  Easily enter your rent roll and expenses for up to 30 units... and simply modify the software if you need more units.*  Enter annual lease rate increases and increase annual expenses by an inflationary amount. 
Determine the value of the property and avoid overpaying.  Enter current asking price and see if  the cash flow will cover the debt payments and expenses.  Determine the tax benefits from depreciation.  Easily adjust the property purchase price upward or downward to see the effects and determine the maximum you should pay. 

Enter the market Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate) and Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) and determine the value of the property based on the rental income.*
Compute federal and state income taxes.  Quickly determine the tax benefits that would be generated from owning the rental property.  Evaluate your rental property with or with out income taxes.  See the effects of your cash flow if your losses are limited by the passive activity rules.  Our software calculates tax depreciation for real and personal property.  Our software is updated for the new federal capital gain tax rates that were recently enacted. Read the new tax law.

Forecast your property's cash flow for 20 years.  Evaluate your rental property's performance over a 20 year time period.  A cash flow analysis is computed for each year along with a complete property sale computation.  You now can easily see how your investment would do at the end of each and every projected year.  These computations are summarized in an easy to read report and is graphed.


Determine the best year to sell the property.  The information generated from your analysis will help you determine the best year to sell the property.  You will be able to compare the annual rate of return, cumulative cash generated and other ratios and financial information.  Our software helps paint a picture for you and helps you forecast when the property may start underperforming.  If the performance is below you requirements, that may suggest an exit from the investment.
Calculate a Rate of Return and IRR.  A leveraged internal rate of return (IRR) is calculated for each year of property ownership.  The calculation is a function of the initial investment you make compared to the cumulative cash flow generated.  Easily determine if your required return on investment would be met.  The software will also automatically compute an unleveraged IRR so that you can compare how beneficial borrowing would be for that particular investment.  Simply change the amount borrowed and compare the unleveraged and leveraged IRR results.*  Determine the effects of capital improvements on profitability.  Sure... that property looks like a great investment now, but what happens to your return if you have to replace the carpet, or roof?  What happens to your cash flow?  Can you afford it?  Now you can easily project the effects by entering future improvements for any year of the 20 year analysis.  Entered amounts can either be depreciated or immediately expensed.*

You can also elect to have improvements adjust the fair market value of the property.
Print presentational-quality reports & graphs.  Easily print reports that summarize your property's financial performance.  Use the reports to compare to other investments, to obtain financing from bankers, or to illicit investor capital. Compute 3 new or assumed loans.  Interest expense, and payment obligations are automatically computed.  Includes an interest-only option and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) option.*  Print amortization schedules showing the mortgage information.*  You can also amortize points paid.
Allow for foreclosure and below-market purchases.  The cost of the property may not always be the fair market value especially when you are buying properties at distressed prices.  The software quickly computes the return on the spread.  A great tool for property flippers!  Forecast and determine the future property value by entering a projected growth rate.  Determine the tax implications an cash flow from sale.

Calculate important financial ratios. 

Leveraged IRR
Unleveraged IRR*

Debt to Equity Ratio*

Gross Rent Multiplier (monthly)*
Gross Rent Multiplier (Annual)*

Leveraged Net Present Value (NPV)*
Unleveraged Net Present Value (NPV)*

Cash on Cash Return before taxes & sale
Cash on Cash after taxes

Debt Coverage Ratio before taxes*
Debt Coverage Ratio after taxes*

Debt Service Ratio*

Leveraged Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate)*
Unleveraged Capitalization Rate *

Annual Ownership Percentage

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