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Individual Investors
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Increase the return on your real estate investments by calculating your property's expected cash flow and equity before you invest.

Know When to Buy and When to Walk!


  •  Determine how much rent to charge to make a profit.

  • Determine how much  that rental property is worth so you don't overpay.

  •  Forecast your property’s cash flow for up to 20 years. 

  •  Rate-of-return analysis. 

  •  Print presentational-quality reports & graphs.

  •  Calculate rental property's future value.

  •  Allow for foreclosure and below-market purchases. 

  •  Amortize loan points separately. 

  • Compute 3 new or assumed loans. 

  •  Calculates IRR, Cash on Cash, Debt Payment Ratio, & More.

  • Analyze up to 20 units.

  • Compute income taxes.

  •  Perform "What if" calculations by changing input as needed.

  •  Determine the best year to sell the property.

  •  Adjust income and expenses annually for  inflation and lease renewals.

  •  Determine the affect of capital improvements on profitability.

  • Modify the spreadsheet as your needs grow!

  • Plus much more!

Sample Reports, Graph & Screen Shots


                                                       Sample Reports                                 Graph
                                           Years 1 -10             Years 11 - 20




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