This software is amazing!! I have spent weeks on the internet searching for a Property Management software program. Downloaded and installed all of them to try, some of them were hundreds and thousands of dollars. None of them compared to “Rental Property Tracker Plus“. It’s so easy and user friendly. The price is the BEST for what you get.

There was a feature I needed on the program “Automatic Payment“. I sent Garth an email asking him if this could be added to the program and 2 days later the update was there for me to download! AWESOME!! I will recommend this program to anyone looking for Property Management software.

Mike from Canada

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HALLELUAH!! I have tried and used (or demo’d) over a dozen Rental Property/Property Management Software Packages. NONE OF THEM, compare to the ease of use with your Rental Property Tracker Plus. Forgive the cliche, but it really should be called “Property Management for Dummies” because it is SO USER FRIENDLY! It guides you effortlessly through each step of data input. I will definately show it off at the next Property Owners Association Meeting here in Omaha, NE.

I’m just thankful, I can sit down and input data without dozens of calls to a support line, or to hours of reading online help screens or manuals. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

- Stephanie Remer, Owner, P-3, DLR and Legacy Enterprises, LLC


Thanks for some great software at a reasonable price. It’s HARD to find software tailored to the small vacation rental business. We manage 11 homes, and can’t afford the expensive and overbloated (for us) software that’s out there. This works great. — Ron Wood, Hawaiian Paradise Vacation Rentals www.hpvacationrentals.com


Thank you for writing such a straight forward and easy to use program. You’ve captured the process of rental tracking and automated it beautifully. I’m a volunteer “bookkeeper” for a non-profit and I’m so glad to have found a program that I don’t have to be an accountant to use. Your program and your excellent support are very much appreciated!- Sincerely, Jim Schaffitz


It is the most user friendly software I have ever used. The support was excellent during the free download period and the response time to queries was very quick.

It is the perfect program for every stage of your business especially for small Ma and Pa Craft Market sellers. As everything is on the screen that you need no paper and pen notes needed.

I especially liked the fact that you allowed a 10 day fully functioning program to be used it made it so much easier to see if this was what I was looking for.


First rate. A fully functional, top rate software program WITH excellent, prompt, courteous, American support. I only have one rental house, but I almost let a renter use it with only paying a deposit because I wasn’t on top of my books. After searching the web I found Vacation Rental Tracker Plus and figured I would give it a shot. Man am I glad I did. The software is intuitive and easy to use. Set up was a breeze and they even have a helpful tutorial with sample guests to get you started. It took me about 10 minutes to feel like I knew enough to use almost all of the diverse functionality.

Before I found Vacation Rental Tracker Plus I contacted another vendor and was mad because they didn’t have their price anywhere on the website. They emailed me and the MONTHLY fee was MORE than the purchase price of Vacation Rental Tracker Plus. It’s a no-brainer. Get Vacation Tracker and simplify your life for less.

Curtis P. - SoCal
One More Satisfied Use


Your product (Vacation Rental Property Tracker) has been the easiest and most informative property management software I have tested (I have tried about 10 so far). Your support and assistance has been exceptional, especially when you consider the time difference, distance and time of year. You are to be congratulated. - Colin Patterson, Australia

Click here to find out why our software is so easy to use.

Just purchased your Rental Tracker Plus program and I am very impressed. Software should be easy to use, and still produce a quality product. Yours does all of that and more. I saw the product several months ago and started shopping around for something comparable and I must tell you, nothing comes close. Thanks for making my job a little easier. - Ken Murawski, Philadelphia


Thanks for your emails and the tips. We are a computer consulting firm, and I downloaded your software to trial run it before presenting it to our client. I believe that they will be purchasing the software soon (if they haven’t already).

I found your software to be extremely user friendly and comprehensive to meet the needs of any property mgmt co. I will certainly recommend it to future client’s in that industry! Great job. - Elizabeth Schneider, Consultant


Rental Tracker Plus looks to be a very complete package. I find it to be an excellent program for the Mac user that owns and manages income property. There are generous preference settings available to allow the user to customize their version to suit their needs and taste. Being cross platform is rare and could be most beneficial when exchanging information with someone like my accountant who uses Windows. I also found the program to be comprehensive in that it includes all the different activities I normally use managing and owning rental income property. With an easy to follow Mac like interface and having all the features I can think of needing and using this one gets 5 stars. Thank you! — Lyle Anderson

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