Introducing Space Rental Tracker Plus

Space Rental Tracker Plus is easy-to-use space rental management software for flea markets, campgrouns, RV parks, marinas, etc. This rental property manager software is all you need to keep track of all your income, expenses, rental units, and tenants.

This long and short term property management software creates rent receipts, rent rolls, tenant notices and many landlord reports.

Space Rental Tracker Plus includes the following components:

  • Reservation Tracker - keeps track of your short term (daily or weekly) tenants, payments, etc. Creates receipts and statements.
  • Availability Checker - view all your short term rentals in this graphical window.
  • Facilty Map - in this window you can see the status of all your units, assign new tenants, and create records for payments.
  • Space Unit Tracker - includes info about each unit, including rental history, owner info, etc.
  • Tenant Tracker - complete tenant information, payment history, tenant notices, rent roll and other reports.
  • Rental Income Tracker - create statements and receipts for charges, deposits and payments. - Monthly, Weekly, Fortnightly and Multi-monthly rental periods are supported. Accept online credit card payments.
  • Expense Tracker - Track tax deductible expenses, print checks, and create tax form reports. - Prepare property manager accounting reports for printing or exporting to a spreadsheet quickly and accurately.
  • Asset Tracker - keeps track of any furniture or equipment rented with the unit.
  • Work Order Tracker - includes all the information about what repairs need to be done, when and by whom
  • Other Income Tracker - deposits and income from a variety of sources. - Track all of your income and expenses. Create account registers for any number of accounts.

Users can download a free trial for most Mac or Windows computers from the website. A one time payment of $299 unlocks the software for unlimited use and includes updates and technical support.

Links to screenshots (with full descriptions of each feature) for each component of the software can be found here.

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