New updates for rental property management software

SpiritWorks Software Inc. is proud to announce new updates for all their rental property management software. Here are some of the new features you can look for:

Rental Property Tracker Plus

* Added Pet Deposit fields to Tenant Tracker’s Deposit Details section.

* More improvements to Rent Roll

Vacation Rental Tracker Plus

* Modifying a Guest’s name in Reservation Tracker now updates Contact Tracker

* Adding a Sale Date to a Vacation Unit Tracker record now removes that Unit from the Availability chart.

Commercial Rental Tracker Plus

* Improvements to deleting Payments from Tenant Tracker or Rental Income Tracker and deleting Rental Income Tracker records

* Other Expense Types listed in the Expenses paid by this tenant field are handled as follows: If the Unit field on the Expense Tracker record is a Building name then the Expense will be distributed if the % of Expenses option is enabled. If the Unit field on the Expense Tracker record is a Unit name then the entire expense will be added to the Charges field on the next Rental Income Tracker record.

All Programs

* Improvements to Property Management Invoice (in Expense Tracker’s Reports).

* Added unlimited photos to Asset Tracker.

* When you set an Expense Tracker record to Tax Deductible, then the Expense type is now added to the Tax Deductible Expenses list and subsequent records for that Expense Type will always be treated as Tax Deductible.

* Added Size selector to Check Print window (in Expense Tracker) and made the Voucher resizable.

* Fixed Add to Contact Tracker feature in Owners/Managers window (in Unit Tracker).

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