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The Real Estate Loan Calculator

The Mortgage Analyzer

Real Estate Loan Calculator Software

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Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer

Real Estate Software
That Helps You Evaluate Rental
Properties in

Do All This Quickly and Easily!!
A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

  •  New! Calculate your Cash on Cash Return before and after income taxes.

  •  Modify the spreadsheet as your needs grow!

  • Determine how much rent to charge to make a profit.

  •  Forecast your property’s cash flow for 20 years.

  •  Calculate a rate-of-return every year!

  •  Print presentational-quality reports that can be given to your lender.

  •  Calculate a future value of your rental property.

  •  Allow for foreclosure and below-market purchases.

  •  Color graphs that illustrate your net cash flow.

  •  Amortize your loan points separately.

  • Calculates significant financial ratios.

  •  Expanded to allow up to ten rental units per property from four.

  •  Compute your income taxes - even if you are subject to the complicated passive loss rules!

  •  Perform "What if" calculations by editing and changing your input as often as you need.

  •  Determine the best year to sell your property.

  •  Adjust your income and expenses annually to account for inflation and lease renewals.

  •  Determine the affect of capital improvements on your profitability.

  •  Compute interest expense, loan payments, and loan balances for 3 new or assumed loans.


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Real Estate Software Cash Flow Analyzer     

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