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Why spend hundreds of dollars for real estate software?

Make smarter investments by calculating rental cash flow and profitability quickly and accurately... at a reasonable price!  


Need An Easier Way
to Evaluate Your
Rental Property?

Try Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer
A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Real Estate Cash Flow Software
to Determine Rental Property
Cash flow
Rate-of-ReturnProfitability,  and  More!

The cash flow tool you've been searching for
to help you choose the right investment properties.

Single-Family & Duplexes
Apartments & Condos
Office Bldgs & Warehouses
Raw Land
Commercial or Residential

Individual Investors
Real Estate Brokers/Agents
Bankers & Lenders

  Know if that property will provide a positive cash flow.

  Know how much rent to charge to make a profit.

  Know how future improvements will affect cash flow.

  Know the maximum you should pay for that property.

  Plus more... All without paying hundreds of dollars!


"Wow! Your program thinks of everything!  I purchased my first rental property with absolute confidence!"

P. Newman, Fort Wayne, IN

"Love your product. It would have taken me days on end to achieve a third of what your software does!"

C. Gleize, Minneapolis, MN

"In my research, programs like this cost well over a hundred dollars so although I was impressed with the price, I was also skeptical about why it was so cheap.  I downloaded the software to see how functional, easy to use and well written it was.  Hours later (I became quite engrossed!), I was so impressed that I contacted the creator, negotiated a discount special for my newsletter subscribers and decided to endorse it as the product of the month."

Shannyn Flory
WayPoint Management Group
Boise, ID

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Helps You Evaluate A Rental Property

Know when to buy and when to walk!


  • Determine how much rent to charge to make a profit.

  • Determine how much that rental property is worth so you don't overpay.

  • Forecast your property’s cash flow for up to 20 years. 

  • Rate-of-return analysis. 

  • Print presentational-quality reports & graphs.

  • Calculate rental property's future value.

  • Allow for foreclosure and below-market purchases. 

  • Amortize loan points separately. 

  • Compute 3 new or assumed loans. 

  • Modify the spreadsheet as your needs grow!

  • Calculates IRR, Cash on Cash, Debt Payment Ratio, & More.

  • Analyze up to 20 units.

  • Compute tax depreciation and  income taxes from operations and sale.  Updated for the new tax law.

  • Perform "What if" calculations by changing input as needed.

  • Determine the best year to sell the property by analyzing the annual cash flows and rate of return.

  • Adjust income and expenses annually for  inflation and lease renewals.

  • Determine the affect of capital improvements on profitability.

  • Plus much more!

Sample Reports, Graph & Screen Shots


                 Sample Reports                                 Graph
          Years 1 -10             Years 11 - 20



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Receive a free copy of The Mortgage Analyzer.
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Free tax updates for a whole year...
bring on those new tax law changes!

The hours that you will save on analyzing your next
investment will pay for your purchase

Start making better investment's today a reasonable price!

Begin immediately.  Easy and Secure.


Revised and Updated for the 2003 Tax Act!


Hello, I'm
Doug Rutherford
, CPA, CEO and President of LLC.  In 1993, I developed the Landlord's Cash Flow Analyzer for several of my real estate clients who needed a better way to evaluate a rental property. 

After researching the available products, I found them to be cumbersome and very expensive.  So, in 1996, I decided to make my software available to others who had similar needs.

Today, our programs are used by thousands of landlords, income-property investors, real estate developers, brokers and others in the residential and commercial real estate industry.

We truly believe that software can be of top quality and still be reasonably priced.

Need to track
rental income & expenses? 

How about your
tenants and properties? 

Get organized today!

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